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Your Premiere Wedding Florist

We bring years of experience and creative insight to our clients when designing your wedding day florals. With an eye for beauty and an extensive knowledge of flowers, we know you'll always be more than satisfied with our work.

Our floral designers create unique ceremony flowers that will match your theme and venue perfectly; and since we work alongside you the entire way, we'll make sure even the slightest details are well planned.

For every stage of your wedding, your florals will represent the uniqueness of your style. From lovely wedding bouquets to eye-catching centerpieces, you'll be glad you choose Dahlonega Wedding Flowers as your florist.

We also create florals for bridal showers and rehearsals!

View photos of venue florals and signs by Dahlonega Wedding Flowers!

Perhaps the most significant part of your wedding day is the ceremony. So, with that being said, you'll want your florals to make a statement. Let our wedding floral designers create elegant ceremony flowers that represent your unique style and symbolize the love you share with your significant other. We have an eye for beautifully engaging florals within any type of venue including vineyards! From hanging garlands that create soft tendrils to extraordinary floral displays, we're here to bring magic to your wedding day with flowers you can cherish.

Your wedding day florals play a significant role in completing your look. And when you choose us to design your personal flowers, you choose a team of florists that work hard to make your vision a reality. We design personalized wedding bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres for fathers, groomsmen and the groom, and corsages for mothers and grandmothers. Trust us to ensure every last detail is perfected to your exact wish!

Something you're sure to remember for your wedding day, is your reception flowers. So let us help you make them extraordinary. We'll design floral centerpieces and wedding cake flowers that perfectly highlight your venue and wedding day theme. We design with you and your style in mind. Dahlonega Wedding Flowers can't wait to be part of your wedding celebration with the best in wedding flowers.

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We give thanks to the talented photographers who have captured our florals in such an inspiring way. A list of those talented individuals is on our home page.